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You may be a foreign or international company or a foreign national, and for whatever reason, you are required to seek a attorny in Iran or to conclude a contract with a lawfirm to pursue that legal entity in Iran.
In this case, we will introduce Dr. Amirnejat’s Legal Institute.

Why Amirnejat Legal Institute

Dr. Amir-nejat law firm is specialized in international affairs only and is highly motivated in international affairs.Dr. Mohammad Amirnejat is also a lawyer and is a member of the International Attorney’s Office. You can come to Iran and advise our institution and be careful that your work is done well.

contact us

Call our institution at WhatsApp 09122888366 or +9802186129208 to contact us.

Our office address

Tehran, Sa’adat Abad Blvd. No 30, 4th Floor, Unit 8

best law firm in iran -law office in iran
best law firm in iran -law office in iran
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