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An international law firm in Iran

In this article, we want to explain the international law firm in Iran. It should first be noted that many Iranians abroad are looking for a lawyer in Iran and wish to outsource their work to an international lawyer in Iran
Dr Mohammad Amir Najat, a basic lawyer in a court of law, as one of the international lawyers in Iran, can help you in this case. You can easily call 09122888366 via WhatsApp and entrust your legal work to them.
In this talk, we will first define a legal institution and an international institution.
Next, we explain the work of the Institute of International Law

 What is a law firm

A law firm is a non-profit organization created by several lawyers specializing in legal matters to carry out legal activities with scientific aspects of law.
Law firms act as a liaison between lawyer and client. The law firm operates in the field of advocacy by legal experts or formal lawyers. Why are legal institutions created and registered? In today’s post-industrial world, the new order governing social and human interactions has created new legal needs for natural and legal persons.
The law firm is a subset of not-for-profit law firms.
To register a law firm, you must obtain confirmation from the judiciary, which is the same as the license, which indicates the duration of the activity, which must be renewed at the end of the specified period.
A law firm requires two people to have a law degree or a lawyer to register.
:What are the conditions for joining a law firm
. Must not be a member of any of the same institutions and does not have a law firm.
The power of attorney must have been renewed and there must be no interruption in its renewal.
. They must not have any criminal record or convictions.
. There should be no problem in a person’s legal history as a lawyer in terms of Islamic law and decency.
When one of the members does not meet any of the above conditions, he cannot be present in the law firm and the person must leave, and from the moment a person leaves the establishment to obtain a new member, the institution has thirty days to present a new member.

  What is an international law firm in Iran

The Institute of International Law is also an institution that only does international legal work in Iran and offers various services to Iranians abroad.
In fact, the Institute of International Law is the same Iranian law firm that works in the field of legal services. It is also an institution also active in the field of international contracts

  What is the work of international law firm in Iran

  Family lawyer

: The family plays an effective role in maintaining and expanding national power. In other words, there is a close relationship between national power and the family, and the weakness and ruin of families leads to the decline of the nation. Any rules that the legislator establishes on family matters can be effective in strengthening or weakening the family. Therefore, in this regard, the legislator should be more careful and avoid any action that leads to the weakening of the family foundation, and in establishing laws, customs and practical approaches and even family traditions should be taken. into account, if not the implementation problems or, if implemented, leads to the weakness and decline of the family

:The main areas of activity of the family lawyer
Divorce (information on divorce proceedings, documents, costs, deadlines and the latest laws relating to divorce)

 Alimony (Find out more about alimony and related rights)

 The dowry (the dowry is the right of a woman, know how to receive it)

 Termination of marriage (rules and regulations concerning the dissolution of marriage)

 Consensual divorce (can be divorced in a short time. Consensual divorce is the best solution)

 Visiting children (after divorce, the right to visit the child and how)

 Adoption (do you know about adoption and its conditions?)

 Repayment of the dowry (often they seek to receive their dowry during a divorce)

 Obligation to obey (What do you know about the laws and regulations of the obligation to obey?)


 proverbial reward

 Divorce, dispossession and struggles

 Conditions during the marriage

Receipt of receivables

In business relationships between people, there are many transactions today. Some of these financial relationships are managed by written contracts and some of them are done only orally and on the basis of the prior knowledge and credit of individuals and .. Some business owners issue business documents such as checks, promissory notes or ordinary receipts to repay their debts and deliver them to the creditor. In the exceptional case, a certain number of these documents are confronted with non-payment, and this is where the question of debts arises. A Czech lawyer, a lawyer specializing in promissory notes and a lawyer specializing in the collection of unpaid debts are called debt attorneys.

Criminal Advice

: A complaint against a person who has committed an offense and whose action is considered a crime under the law and for whom the judge has imposed a sanction is called a “criminal” complaint. There is no specific way to write a criminal complaint and it does not require a special form like legal complaints, but it is good if the complaint is regular and orderly in terms of wording and readability, and it is better that it be prepared by a lawyer. For example, in criminal cases such as murder and many other criminal cases, in which criminal lawyers also specialize in specific criminal cases.
The advantage of specialization is that the delay of the trial is avoided and the issues unrelated to the trial will not be dealt with and will lead to a verdict very quickly and will be useful for the client as he will get his full rights, for example. in the case. Murder It will be a bit difficult for a lawyer who has never worked on this matter to deal with it for the first time in order to find a legal solution to the client’s innocence. For example, in the case of a premeditated murder, one must look to He was condemned to madness or turned out to be wrong or reluctant and coerced by the accused, and only a lawyer with a good record and a good experience in this field can take these steps.

  Other services of International Law firm in Iran

 . Carrying out legal studies and research in all legal fields
Preparation and regulation of all national and international contracts
Preparation of a checklist of various national and international contracts
Prepare and organize various types of binding documents such as will, letter of division and will
Preparation and sending of an official declaration to fulfill obligations and pay debts
. Preparation and regulation of various types of contractual agreement correspondence in accordance with rules and regulations
Provide advice on the different stages of concluding a contract, including the stages: negotiation, conclusion
Contract, obtaining contractual guarantees, performance of contractual obligations, termination of the contract and legal action before the arbitration and justice authorities
Respond to legal questions by phone, email and letter
. Carry out all registration business at the registration office of companies and non-commercial institutions
Obtaining a business card for natural and legal persons
Registration of trademarks with the General Industrial Property Office
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